By robotika

February 14, 2010

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Scraps and pieces of visual art I’ve collected over the past two weeks

Beyond Craft: Art Fabric, 1973

Book of Avant Garde 1960’s and 70’s fibers artists. I loved Polish weaver Magdalena Abakanowicz. She is known for hand weaving huge room sized “yarn environments“!

Untitled Grey Stream, Noriko Furnuishi,  ICA Boston

This is part of the permanent collection and I always want to return to the endless running landscape. There is no horizon, no sky and you lose all sense of space. It is quiet, detailed and desolate, much like the best of Anders Nilsen’s work.

The Enchanted Clocks of George McFadden, Cuckoo clocks, National Heritage Museum, Lexington

Winchester local George McFadden carved whimsical cuckoo clocks for his personal collection. My favorite was an Armageddon theme clock that had an angel flying over a grave yard. After looking really closely I saw that on the hour one of the graves popped open. It wasn’t wound so I’ll never know what is inside.

Sackler Museum

There is one floor of contemporary art. I really fell in love with Klimt’s Pear Trees. It is a bit wild and chaotic with thousands of little pears that he just couldn’t stop painting. Not a Klimt fan but I like the maddening details. There is also a beautiful wall of wood and fiber scraps with a giant tree hanging over your head, sadly I forgot to jot down the artist.


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