intimacy and ultimacy

By robotika

March 28, 2010

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collections from this week

  • “small parcels” arrived. Tiny handmade, linocut poetry books, wrapped in brown paper. Typed with a cursive typewriter.
  • recipe bowls:  I discovered this artist who made bowls with her family’s handwritten recipe’s patterned inside. I want to dig through my mom’s old recipe books and look for the pages crusted with brown sugar, stained and loved.
  • woolapalooza: Drumlin Farm’s annual woolapalooza had sheep shearing and herding and fiber crafts of all kinds. The goats were not the stars of the show, so I was able to sit and watch the new kids in peace.
  • felt blanket: There was a beautiful hand-felted blanket at the festival, made from slighty uncarded curly wool, that I keep dreaming about. I learned that yurts are covered in felt and traditionally they were made by having everyone in the community ceremonially walk over fibers. Anyone want to come over for a walking wool meditation day?
  • The things they carried: Somerville is starting up a one city, one book reading program and the first book is Tim O’Brien’s The things they carried. You can listed to the title short story at the PRI website. It is is surprisingly tender for a fictional work about Vietnam.

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