comics & anders nilsen

Anders Nilsen is my favorite artist. He is based out of Chicago, IL and is probably most well known for his comics Dogs and Water and the series Big Questions.

I am actually really new to the comic world. A few years back I fell in love with sammy harkham’s poor sailor and manu larcenet’s ordinary victories but it was hard to get ahold of more of their work. Thanks to the boyfriend I had read r. crumb, chris ware, maus, joe coleman, and one kramer’s ergot. One day while looking through the shelves at Million Year Picnic I saw the cover of anders’ “big questions” #8, with a cross section of a bird, and it was all over.

I bought it and read it right away, and have since tried to get my hands on everything he has done. His style is so unique and spacious. Sometimes it can seem really desolate and hopeful in the same frame. I really love it

Being a part time library school student and a comic fan has it’s advantages.

I got to do a full comprehensive bibliography of Anders Nilsen’s work and criticism for class credit!

Anders Nilsen Bibliography Project

For my Literature of the Humanities Class, July 2008


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